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Portfolio Companies

GCIC supported companies are developing innovative solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases and conditions and contributing to the economic development of Ohio.

Akebia Therapeutics

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Akebia is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company that focuses on clinical development of novel compounds for anemia and ischemia-related disorders, with a focus on peripheral artery disease. Two preclinical programs are in late phase discovery stages with all drug candidates targeted to enter clinical stages within three years..


Learn more about Arteriocyte.

Arteriocyte is a Cleveland, Ohio and Hopkinton, Massachusetts based company that develops cellular therapies and is currently pursuing cell-based therapeutics and tissue engineering products for the treatment of ischemia and other disease conditions.


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Athersys is a Cleveland, Ohio based company developing a growing pipeline of therapeutics designed to treat cardiovascular disease and obesity. Athersys is currently developing a pharmaceutical technology based upon multipotent adult progenitor cells for the treatment of congestive heart failure.


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AtriCure is headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio and has assembled experts in the medical device industry to form a highly effective team dedicated to serving patients, medical professionals, and investors. Using their proprietary bipolar ablation technology, AtriCure has developed a family of products which are used in conjunction with elective surgical ablation procedures. Building on this technical platform, they have developed products which enable physicians to treat patients through minimally invasive procedures in the operating room. .

Blue Ash Therapeutics

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Blue Ash Therapeutics, is a Cincinnati-based company founded to develop and commercialize acute-care cardiovascular drugs. The initial focus is the late-stage antiarrhythmic drug Azimilide as an adjunctive therapy in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs).


Learn more about CardioCeption

CardioCeption LLC, was formed in 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is developing non-traumatic means of eliciting remote cardioprotection during MI, based upon novel discoveries by laboratories at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. CardioCeption is currently running translational trials in a large animal model to optimize this therapy. Based upon these results and ongonig clinical trials, the company will pursue R&D to expand the indications and commercialize the application of the technology. 


Learn more about CardioInsight.

CardioInsight is a Cleveland Ohio based company developing electrocardiographic imaging which noninvasively maps electrical activity on the surface of the heart. CardioInsight’s commercialization grant will be used toward software development for its first commercial product.


Learn more about CardioStar.

CardioStar is a Mentor, Ohio based company developing non-invasive sensor technologies for continuous patient monitoring of cardiac and vascular parameters.

Cell Targeting, Inc.

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Cell Targeting, Inc. is a preclinical-stage company developing a drug delivery platform utilizing a tissue-specific peptide targeting technology with broad therapeutic potential, including delivery of cardiovascular cellular therapies. In January 2011 the company technology was acquired by BioTime, Inc.

Clear Catheter Systems

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Clear Catheter Systems is a Bend, Oregon based company relocating to Cleveland, Ohio. Clear Catheter develops a proprietary internal tube clearance platform for post operative cardiac surgery drainage.

Cleveland Heart

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Cleveland Heart is a North Carolina based company that will be establishing operations in Ohio. They are developing a Left Ventricular Assist System intended to provide long-term mechanical circulatory support for patients with terminal heart failure who are unresponsive to conventional therapies.

Cleveland HeartLab, LLC

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Cleveland HeartLab, LLC is a Cleveland-based specialty clinical laboratory and disease management company focused on novel molecular biomarker technologies and the creation of proprietary diagnostic tests. The company has developed a profile of tests focused on managing and reducing inflammation, a root cause of heart disease.


Learn more about EXCMR.

EXCMR is a Columbus, Ohio based company that develops and manufactures medical devices to enhance cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. Their innovative MRI-compatible treadmill enables cardiovascular exercise stress testing with MRI.

genae Americas Inc.

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genae Americas Inc. is a medical device Contract Research Organization (CRO) and core lab services provider. The mission statement of the genae group is to improve health and quality of life by innovating and accelerating high quality clinical research. .

Interventional Imaging

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Interventional Imaging is a Cleveland, Ohio based company developing MR-based imaging and interventional technologies. Their novel catheter based MR technology has the potential to be a visualization technology for various therapy and treatment interventions including stent deployment, RF ablation and image-guided therapy delivery.

Juventas Therapeutics

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Juventas is a Cleveland, Ohio based company that develops innovative regenerative therapies for cardiovascular disease. Juventas aims to treat myocardial infarction or chronic heart failure via a SDF-1 (Stromal cell-derived factor) which is capable of recruiting stem cells to help repair the heart.

Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc.

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Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc. is a Columbus, OH medical device companies that designs, commercializes, and manufacturers instruments that improve visual clarity during laparoscopic surgery. The company’s flagship product, FloShield, is the first device ever that prevents the lens of the laparoscope from becoming covered with debris, allowing surgeons to operate with a better view and far less interruptions.

Navis Medical

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NI Medical

Learn more about NI Medical.

NI Medical has developed the NICaS, a diagnostic device that can be used with a laptop computer as an impedance-based cardiac monitor. FDA-approved for cardiac diagnosis, the NICaS is a portable device for non-invasively monitoring hemodynamics and can be used for the assessment of certain asymptomatic and unrecognized cardiac conditions.


Learn more about PeriTec.

Peritec Biosciences Ltd. is a Cleveland, Ohio based company aiming to develop vascular and cardiovascular surgical products. The company’s technology is based on the novel combination of self expanding nitinol stent and biological tissue, peritoneum.

Proxy Biomedical

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Proxy Biomedical, headquartered in Galway, Ireland, is a leading innovator in the development and manufacturing of surgical products that apply synthetic biomaterials technology for tissue regeneration. 

Quality Electrodynamics

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Quality Electrodynamics is a Mayfield, Ohio based company that develops and manufacturers MRI RF coil products. The company is currently developing and commercializing a whole-heart MRI imaging technology.

Sensible Medical Innovations

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Sensible Medical Innovations has developed a breakthrough modality that is optimal for continuous and wearable use at both home and hospital. Sensible Medical is the industry leader in RF monitoring and imaging. Based on its proprietary ReDS technology the company is addressing a wide range of applications, with current focus on the first effective non-invasive device for congestive heart failure (“CHF”) monitoring.

TheraVasc Inc.

Learn more about TheraVasc Inc.

TheraVasc Inc.  relocated from Louisiana to Cleveland to develop repurposed drugs to treat diabetic vascular problems and peripheral artery disease by enhancing angiogenesis and inhibiting tissue necrosis. GCIC commercialization funds are being used to conduct Phase IIa clinical trials.


Learn more about VasoStar.

VasoStar is a Mentor, Ohio based company developing and commercializing an electromagnetically driven guidewire system that safely improves the success rate for crossing chronic total occlusions in vasculature.

VitalStream Health Inc

Learn more about VitalStream Health Inc.

VitalStream Health Inc is a Boston-based company relocating to Ohio. VitalStream is focused on remote monitoring and facilitated care for chronic disease. They are developing a web-based blood pressure monitoring and management system. Data is organized and presented by software to create a compelling “report-card” interface for the patient. Likewise, physicians can view patient performance both on an individual basis and in aggregate.

ZIN Medical

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ZIN is a Cleveland, Ohio based company focused on the development of a remote, wireless patient monitoring system based on technology developed with support from NASA. ZIN seeks to commercialize their vMetrics System, a small, configurable device that records and transmits data from a wide variety of biomedical sensors.